August 21, 2022

Matthew 6:11 – Give us this day our daily bread.

Seems pretty simple; seems pretty childish in a way to ask God for bread. It seems like we should be able to provide our own bread and we should be asking Him for something bigger and better.  However, that’s from a human point of view. From God’s vantage point, He wants us to be childlike when we approach Him and ask Him for simple stuff. He wants us to see His hand at work in providing even the simplest requests. As Pastor Bennett said in this sermon, “There is no such thing as shallow prayers, only shallow people.  It’s okay to be in the shallow end.  He just wants us to be in the pool…We can progress to the deep end in time.”

As our Father in heaven, He delights in the requests of those who trust Him. So this particular verse in the Lord’s Prayer as Jesus taught us is a prayer for provision.  We all need stuff and God knows that.  He wants us to ask for practical, everyday things.  As we ask and He answers, our faith in Him is strengthened.  We sense His presence and our relationship with Him becomes more real.

Now this doesn’t mean we’ll get everything that we ask Him for.  We will most likely not get everything in the form that we want or expect.  However, the practice of humbling ourselves and praying to Him changes us.  It engenders a heart of Gratitude. As we become more grateful for simple things–air, sunlight, food, family…our hearts change. Prayer engenders peace. It engenders Supernatural confidence.  Not in our ability, but in His ability.  When we become confident in His ability, our lives change and we communicate with Him more often because we know that He’s able to change all things.  If He’s not changing something, then we get to ask, “Why?”  He’s okay with us asking.  As we seek answers from Him, He provides them.  Not always in our timing, but in His timing and way.

Everything can become a Blessing if it drives us to Prayer and to relationship with God.  Sometimes He allows us to go through things as it drives us to Him.  He wants us to rely on Him for everything, including bread.

What are you asking Him for?  Keep asking and seeking His face.  He’s listening.  Let us know how we can join with you in prayer.  At Oceanside Church, we believe that our Father in heaven seeks to give good things to His children.  We believe that as believers we are called to pray for our brothers and sisters for everything that they need, including bread.