STAND YOUR GROUND: Prayers of Deliverance

August 28, 2022

Matthew 6:13—And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

“Don’t fight against the fruit; the battle is really at the root.”

If we don’t quit, we win! That’s the Christian’s hope in a nutshell.  We are born into a physical world and unfortunately we are also born into a spiritual world where there is a battle. Some would say–even before birth–at conception, there is a battle. There is spiritual warfare all around us. We see it manifested in various ways. We see it on the news, online, in newspapers, on social media and in our families. We are in a battle. There is no doubt.  As a Christian, we have to keep in mind and meditate on the fact that the Victory has already been won. Jesus defeated our enemy’s hold on us as followers of Christ.  While still on earth though we have to walk this Victory out–day by day.

Jesus being God knew we would struggle at some point with temptation. He knew we would have warfare with dark principalities. The best way to avoid entanglement with the evil one is to stand our ground and stay in a safe place—to stay away from temptation.  If for any reason we are entangled with darkness, He is able to deliver us. We can pray and He will answer.

There will be a battle at some point in your life. He will give you the Victory as you pray and seek Him!  

Here is the outline of a plan to walk in Victory:

  1. Identify the stronghold. Acknowledge that it is from the devil. Identify the true cause/problem. Don’t sugarcoat it.  Name it.
  2. Identify a promise of God. This is where knowing His Word and reminding God of His words in Scripture. Claim them for yourself. Pray over yourself and others using the very Holy words of the Bible.
  3. Remember your authority. Remember who you are. Stand your ground.  Do not give the devil a foothold.  Put on the full armor of God as in Ephesians 6.  This is protective armor–the belt of Truth, the breastplate of Righteousness (trust in God), the shield of Faith and the helmet of Salvation (knowing you are secure in Jesus’ work on the cross—nothing needs to be added to it; it’s already done). Use the Sword of the Spirit–the Word of God liberally.  Say it out loud.  Meditate on it.  It is a weapon in the spiritual realm.  God’s Word says so.
  4. Claim the Victory. Walk around in confidence knowing that God is working.  You may not see it yet; but claim it anyhow.  He is working it out for your good as a believer.  The situation may not be good, but He is Good!  Speak that Victory out loud.  Our speech is so important to the victory in our lives.  This is a Biblical view—not self-help (though many have profited from this truth because it works).  

Walk in confidence knowing that you have angels all around you.  If you wear the armor of God and keep your shield up and wield that sword, you will live the victorious life!